Spotlight | Winter 2019


The Spotlight is a regular feature where I share some of my favorite images on social media tagged with #RebeccaLily. Welcome to the Winter 2019 edition, where these ten very talented photographers inspire us to pause, observe, wonder, and create!

It’s always an honor for me to be able to share the work of so many creative people on my site. I have such great respect for the dedication and process behind each one of these photos and I believe that, in an age of quick photography consumption, it’s worth taking time to linger and look a little more closely – to appreciate the effort that it takes to make a good photograph, the nuances that make it special, and the story it tells. Winter is the perfect time for this. Enjoy!


Chris Ozer, Brooklyn, NY | Location: Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC
Website | Instagram | Twitter



Sam Nute, Portland, OR | Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada
Website | Instagram



Sonia Davies, Lisbon, Portugal | Location: Portugal
Website | Instagram



Whitney Hayes, NYC | Location: Brooklyn, NY
Website | Instagram


Alex Stuart, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | Location: Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
Website | Instagram | Twitter


Niklas Andersson, Gothenburg, Sweden | Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Website | Instagram | Twitter


Gina Regala, San Jose, CA | Location: Tokyo, Japan


Wilson Magalhães, Chaves, Portugal | Location: Pitões das Júnias, Portugal
Instagram | Flickr


Karen Vierbuchen, NYC | Location: Chelsea, NYC
Website | Instagram | Facebook


Susan Licht, Northborough, MA | Location: Harry’s Diner, Westborough, MA
Website | Instagram

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