Artist Feature | Om Malik

Om Malik is a San Francisco-based writer and photographer. He was the founder of GigaOm, a technology publication, and has contributed to numerous other publications such as The New Yorker. After two and a half decades as a journalist, he shifted professions and became a partner at True Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm.

Om’s photography focuses on isolated subjects and landscapes that exude a feeling of serenity and balance. He has been drawn to many places around the world to photograph, including Alaska, Japan, India, Iceland, and the Arctic.

Om currently blogs about technology and his other diverse passions on his personal blog, He shares his photography on You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @om.

“Rebecca has been a longtime partner in helping me focus on the essence of my photography and my visual style. Her products have allowed me to drastically reduce the time in front of the screen, and have given me freedom to share more often, often within minutes of downloading the photos from my camera. They are not a shortcut, but a starting point to finishing what I imagined in the field, allowing me to focus on fine-tuning the image.”

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