Artist Feature | Nate Canada

Nate Canada has become well known not only for his sweeping landscapes and evocative environmental portraits, but for his poetic eye for light and color. His work conveys quietude, respect and appreciation for what he sees. Nate often photographs people in the context of the natural world, immersing in the experience of being in nature. Looking at one of Nate’s images is a peek into the best version of ourselves and our world.

Nate is a self-taught travel and lifestyle photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. His work centers on combining stunning scenery with a human element: conveying a sense of the familiar and extraordinary together. This past year his work was featured by such brands as Clif Bar and REI.

Find more of Nate’s work on Instagram or on his website.

“I’ve been using Rebecca’s presets since I stumbled across her work awhile ago. They have a clean feel, allowing me to keep the image as true to my memory as possible while bringing the colors to life. While I’ve used almost every preset, I keep coming back to Apple, Green Tea, and Citrus (Pro Set IV). I adore the timeless look they give my images.”

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