Reintroducing Rebecca Lily

A year-long effort has finally come to fruition: the launch of my new branding, and relaunch of my website! I’m so thrilled with the new look and feel and hope you are too. This space was designed to be clean, restful and timeless, just like the products that are offered here, and my new logo is a nod to the delicate things in nature that inspire me. The colors are reminiscent of the sea, which has been an influential part of my life since making my home in Co. Kerry, Ireland, and now in coastal New England.

Partnering with me in this endeavor and helping me to realize my vision is the very talented Emma of Emmadime (Oakland, CA). She was so amazing to work with, how effortlessly she brought all of my ideas and concepts into reality. And besides her obvious talent as a designer, she is just an incredibly nice person. I’m so delighted with what she has created and it reaffirms to me how wonderful the outcome can be when you work with the very best people.

A sincere thank you to all of my clients and friends who have supported Rebecca Lily with their business, shared their images with me, published reviews and results, talked about the products with their friends or took the time to write me a thank you note. And very special thanks too to Anne Paar for the stunning opener image on my home page, and to all of the other talented photographers who contributed their beautiful images for this site. I’m truly grateful for all of the positive energy that’s surrounded me since I began this business in 2009. Seven years later, this work still brings me so much joy – and the people I have been privileged to know through it have enriched my life.

Thank you.

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