Artist Feature | Evan Schwanke

February seemed like a fitting month to feature the reflective work of photographer Evan Schwanke. Evan’s light and shadow filled images carry themes of home, family and a simple life connected to the great outdoors. Focused on capturing the essence of his daily life with his Leica M9, he shares his visual diary on his cleverly named Tumblr, Home on the Rangefinder.

“I am a rangefinder shooter based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After shooting film for many years, I have transitioned into a Leica M9. Give me my Leica and some Rebecca Lily presets, and I could convert you as well. Over the years I have turned the camera on my daily life and documenting every day. My first goal is to live our life, the camera is just there to capture a single instance of that. Our family has a huge sense of adventure and try to travel and explore every chance we have available. I just get the pleasure of documenting our lives along the way.”

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