Rebecca Lily Pro Set III for Lightroom & ACR Released

I’m very proud to announce the release of my newest and finest product, Rebecca Lily Pro Set III!

Image:    Anne Paar   .

Image: Anne Paar.

Pro Set III embodies all of my own personal photographic development, my continued love for shooting digital along with film and my appreciation for beautiful and natural colors. When I began development of this set, I wondered: if new film emulsions were still being produced today, what would they look like – beyond the beautiful film stocks currently available, like Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400H? This curiosity provided the foundation for Pro Set III: all of the appreciation for the unique qualities of film, brought into a professionally color graded product and given a fresh palette and unique handwriting. From delicate pastels to poppy, summery bright colors to creamy-vintage looks, there is something for everyone and every session here.

Image:    Tiffany Medrano   .

Among Pro Set III’s distinguishing characteristics are its new and improved film-inspired pastels, with more subtle and delicate highlights, stronger midtones and balanced contrast, and more natural colors and skin tones. The new Black & White collection offers a well-rounded variety of classic monochromes, and the color presets provide stunningly effective results without sacrificing harmonious and natural color palettes. All of the presets incorporate new techniques to boost light and provide dimension and glow, eliminating the “flat” look common in digital and making your images come alive.

Image:    Jason de Plater   .

Pro Set III is made to be balanced and beautiful out of the box, with excellent skin tones and natural looking results after a one-click application. For the photographer, this translates to a much more efficient workflow, where you spend less time retouching and tweaking per image. Every preset in Pro Set III also comes with 3 variations: a base version, and then two additional versions that gradually strengthen the effect. This allows you to choose how much of the effect you’d like per image. I’ve also included a brand new Pro III Toolkit to give you even more creative control. The Toolkit contains 44 tools (23 of these are for LR5 only), enabling you to add split tones, save more highlight and shadow detail, sharpen, add or remove grain or vignetting, and make other adjustments with one simple click.

Image:    Anne Paar   .

Image: Anne Paar.

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Pro Set III can be applied to both RAW and JPG files in Lightroom 4/5 and ACR 7/8. To learn more about Pro Set III, please visit the Products page.

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