Rebecca Lily Pro Set VI for Lightroom and ACR Launched

I am so thrilled to release this new product into the wild! Pro Set VI has been an absolute joy to create, and the result is something I am very proud of. This set is unique to any other, and you’ll find it full of fresh color inspirations and improved renditions that will bring out the very best in your creative work!

Completely new to Pro VI is a unique and versatile Soft series. Soft presets will render the most dreamlike gradients, luminosity with incredible highlight detail, and soothing colors. I love them for when you have soft light and want to preserve that feel, but they are perfect for use across all lighting situations - including those difficult backlit or high-contrast scenes, where they will do wonders to help even out the light:

Images:    Sonia Davies    x Sunrise.

Images: Sonia Davies x Sunrise.

Pro Set VI features a new Pastel collection, with a wonderful variety of vivid to subdued color palettes - giving you plenty of options to choose from depending on your light and exposure. The Pastels incorporate softer highlights, enhanced skin tones, and consistent application to a greater variety of lighting situations:

Images:    Jake Debruckyere    x Berry

Images: Jake Debruckyere x Berry

I’ve designed new series of Bold color grades, for high-definition color, rich contrast and visual impact. They work beautifully on almost every type of image and will help pop the light and emphasize your subject:

Images:    Ryan Christopher Jones    x West

Images: Ryan Christopher Jones x West

And there’s a new collection of classically inspired black and whites, with clean, detailed whites, rich blacks and improved tonal range:

Images:    Pei Ketron    x Graphite

Images: Pei Ketron x Graphite

Aside from the individually handcrafted, artistic approach to color, you can count on the same reliability and professional results you've come to expect from my products: beautiful and luminous skin tones for all skin types, reducing the need for retouch, and new and improved techniques to capture the finest of fine gradient and detail. And you'll be happy to discover that the looks you love are quick and easy to achieve with just a single click, saving you more valuable time in your workflow.

Images:    Dan Rubin    x Astrid

Images: Dan Rubin x Astrid

I am forever grateful to the very talented photographers that I am honored to know and work with, who have also collaborated with me on this launch and provided these beautiful images for me to showcase. They make my work so joyful and inspire me every single day! Thank you so much Chris Ozer, Ryan Christopher Jones, Pei Ketron, Dan Rubin, Adrienne Pitts, Finn Beales, Victoria Wright, Jordan Ison, Chelsea Ruggiero, Joshua Allen Harris, Lavinia Cernau, Om Malik, Sonia Davies, Nate Canada, Sam Nute, Jane Kim, Jake Debruckyere, Marcus Lloyd, Bianca Elizalde and Chris Michel!

Pro Set VI is available for Lightroom 6/CC, Lightroom Mobile and ACR 9/10/11 and can be used reliably for both RAW and JPG, including improved application for mobile photography. For more information, please see the product page.