Celebrating 10 Years of Rebecca Lily

This year marks 10 completely amazing years of working with and for THE best creative people, all over the world! My commitment to offering products for desktop photo editing that are both simple to use and of the highest quality has remained focused and strong.

Image credit:  Victoria Wright

Image credit: Victoria Wright

This is about you. You are the reason that this work has given me so much joy - following your journeys, seeing you capture the world in the unique way you see it, and being able to provide tools that help you achieve an end result you love - that is a thrill and a privilege for me.

I've been honored to collaborate with some of the best photographers, studios and creative agencies in the industry, to understand better what your needs are in your editing workflow, and to learn how I can improve my product to meet those needs.

And I'm continuously visually inspired by the creative work that is being shared day after day, year after year on various platforms. In a world where there are many challenges and often no easy answers, art is a collective breath of fresh air. It is our common language. It fills our lives with beauty and meaning.

So thank you, sincerely, to all of you for 10 wonderful years - for both supporting me and keeping me challenged. You are the reason I love my work and will continue to stay committed to supporting you in yours.

Image credit:  Dawn Thomson

Image credit: Dawn Thomson

To celebrate my 10 year anniversary, I am offering 10% off all of my products for the next 10 days (until August 26th). Just use discount code TAKE10 at checkout!

Thank you again.



Image credit:  Chris Ozer

Image credit: Chris Ozer

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