Signature Color

Signature Color


Rebecca Lily Signature Color is a bespoke product creation service that offers a set of completely distinctive and personalized presets for Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, giving you a look that is uniquely yours.

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Image:    Om Malik   .

Image: Om Malik.


As the photography industry grows and expands to make room for more and more newcomers, it becomes even more important to photographers that they have their own “signature look” to set them apart from the crowd – an individual handwriting, a recognizable style, a color palette that establishes their brand identity and is unique to their own work.

Many professional photographers strive for consistency in their post processing style, but are frustrated by products that are not versatile enough to apply cohesively throughout a session, across multiple different lighting situations or across both film and digital mediums. This may result in many hours of work in editing, which costs the photographer time that they could otherwise invest more creatively.

Rebecca Lily Signature Color is a bespoke product creation service that offers a set of completely distinctive and personalized presets for Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, giving you a look that is uniquely yours.

You can expect several benefits from this service. Professional consultation will help you identify your style, taking into account your unique shooting preferences and environments, and help you to choose the look that complements your brand. You’re involved in the design process from start to finish. You will receive individually designed and completely unique products created to your specifications. Every product is crafted for versatility, consistency and cohesive colors which will save hours of valuable time in post processing.

01 – ORDER

Client books service, confirmation & expected timeline sent.


Evaluation of client’s techniques, needs and expectations, study of RAW files and typical lighting/locations, shared mood boards.


Customized products designed to client’s specifications.


Client previews the initial results online, provides direction & feedback, changes made if necessary.

05 – BETA

Client receives beta versions to thoroughly test.


Client provides feedback on any necessary changes.


Final products are delivered.




Lightroom 6
Lightroom CC
Lightroom Classic CC
Lightroom Mobile

ACR 10
ACR 11
(Photoshop CS6 or CC)


Om Malik

“Rebecca has been a longtime partner in helping me focus on the essence of my photography and my visual style. We worked collaboratively to zero in on my visual identity and marry it to my two favorite film formats, Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak TriX. These products have allowed me to drastically reduce the time in front of the screen, and have given me freedom to share more often, often within minutes of downloading the photos from my camera. They are not a shortcut, but a starting point to finishing what I imagined in the field, allowing me to focus on fine-tuning the image.”


Murray Clarke

“I love the soft colors and tones of overexposed Fuji film, so as a digital shooter I wanted to emulate this palette within my wedding work. Rebecca worked closely with me to develop my Signature Color presets which I now use exclusively throughout my work. The presets along with her expert knowledge and advice have me helped to achieve a cohesive look with beautifully natural skin tones. The speed of my workflow has since increased dramatically and I’ve never looked back.”


Rich Yueh

“The greatest advancement in my photography was working with Rebecca and her Signature program. I wanted to work with her because I resonate with her vision for color and I felt that my portfolio lacked a cohesive look. She thoroughly reviewed my work and desired trajectories to help me identify and establish themes and styles that make up my unique “handwriting” as a photographer. She also provided helpful technical advice on how to approach photography with color and printing in mind. Rebecca created a look that emphasizes the elements I choose to feature in my work, yet never feels constraining in any way. Much like the way a chef creates a dish, I now know how everything will tie together in the final photographs and am more confident in designing my photo shoots.”


Paul Fletcher

“Rebecca’s service was recommended to me as ‘the best purchase you’ll ever make’ and it is so true. Since implementing my presets, designed specifically for my work by Rebecca, my clients have been blown away by the results and my success rate for booking my wedding inquiries has doubled. I learned a lot about myself and my technique while working with Rebecca and her advice was as valuable as the presets themselves. I shoot with my presets in mind now, increasing my confidence further still. I’m in no doubt that this has had a huge impact on my success and will do for many years to come. The whole process was an absolute pleasure.”