Artist Feature | Pete Halvorsen

Pete Halvorsen is a commercial and travel photographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Pete and his work have been featured by the likes of ABC’s Nightline, Good Morning America, Elle Magazine, InStyle, the Getty Museum, Details Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.

Pete grew up in the vineyard country of Northern California but moved to the beaches of Southern California after receiving his Film degree. He spent the next few years in the entertainment industry, learning how to tell stories with images. His photography combines the patience of wine making with the ever-changing tide of the ocean. Combining art with commerce, Pete has been able to work on international campaigns for brands such as TOMS, Leica, Microsoft, Four Seasons, Toyota, GAP and Yahoo.

His creative voice away from the camera has also been instrumental in this new phase of digital advertising. Pete has worked as a consultant with ad agencies and Instagram: Business. In 2013 Pete produced one of the first videos Instagram published through their application.

One of Pete’s passion projects was when he traveled to Malawi, Africa, shooting for a non-profit group. Pete’s original assignment was to document the group’s efforts in helping to empower and educate 170 orphans of the Mtendere village. However, when word came that some of the children wanted to learn photography, Pete asked to teach mobile photography to some of the children. Pete partnered with VSCO to pilot a program that taught the children basic photography skills while enabling them to express themselves creatively through images.

Named one of the top travel photographers by Business Insider, Pete has travelled to 20+ countries in the last 3 years shooting for non-profit organizations, 5-star luxury brands and travel bureaus. When he’s not running to catch a flight, he can be found enjoying the beach in Los Angeles with his wife and 2 kids.

“I’ve really enjoyed using Rebecca Lily’s products because they have created a new type of style that I hadn’t used before. I’m always looking to evolve in my creative style and recently I find myself drawn to the pastels for my beach shots. Usually with presets I find myself tweaking them quite a bit after applying them, with these I find they’re really spot on after the first edit.” – Pete Halvorsen

More of Pete’s work can be seen on or on his Instagram.

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