Artist Feature | Joshua Allen Harris

Joshua Allen Harris was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he went on to study graphic design and illustration. After moving to New York City in 2004, he had the opportunity to attend the School of Visual Arts to pursue a degree in Fine Art. In 2012 Joshua began exploring photography. This medium allowed him to integrate all of his creative interests and since then he has enjoyed pursuing both commercial and personal projects. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Cameron.

“I am really impressed with the color rendering of these presets along with the subtle hues. The overall look of the color and tones feels balanced and visually inviting. My first go-to preset is Apricot – I usually underexpose my digital files so the bright highlights in this preset work well for me. The warm orange/pink I think feels like the late summer nights, and maybe since that’s what I’ve been shooting recently, it just fits perfectly. I also use Avalon a lot. For me, I find the black and whites to be the real standouts – so much punch and dynamic range. Having a hard time picking a favorite.

As far as these filters emulating a film look they definitely do. But I think they take it a step further, building off the film aesthetic but delivering something a little more special and fine-tuned and definitely more personal. I find each preset a wonderful starting off point on a new color narrative. I’m looking forward to further explore and think about them while I’m shooting – combining a better understanding and flow working and considering both pre- and post-editing.”

More of Josh’s work can be seen on his TumblrInstagram or on

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