Artist Feature | Dawn Thomson

Dawn Thomson is a creative wedding, lifestyle and editorial photographer based in the South Island of New Zealand. Dawn’s work has been featured in Together Journal, Hello May, White Magazine, Nouba and Rock n’ Roll Bride.

Dawn is continuously awestruck by the majesty of the landscapes that surround her. As a photographer, she is drawn to photograph people within these wild landscapes. Soaring peaks, placid hidden lakes, and lush forests give her a canvas on which to capture the stories and emotions she feels compelled to share. Dawn’s mix of warm, earthy tones, dramatic black & whites and epic landscapes evoke a sense of adventurous exploration with a touch of nostalgia and romance.

“I searched for a long time for presets that would emulate the color, tone and mood of my images that I desired. I was lucky to stumble upon Rebecca Lily’s presets early in my career and to this day they are my go to presets. Rebecca is a master at crafting the subtleties of film. The tones are soft and muted which compliment so well the environment I work in and evoke a painterly effect. I am particularly fond of Pro Set III and Pro Set IV. These presets are now an integral part of my workflow and style.”

Dawn’s beautiful work can be found on her website and on Instagram.

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