khsscs4Image courtesy of Kate Hopewell-Smith.

Your signature colors

As the photography industry grows and expands to make room for more and more newcomers, it becomes even more important to photographers that they have their own “signature look” to set them apart from the crowd – an individual handwriting, a recognizable style, a color palette that establishes their brand identity and is unique to their own work.

Many professional photographers strive for consistency in their post processing style, but are frustrated by products that are not versatile enough to apply cohesively throughout a session. This may result in many hours of work in Photoshop, which costs the photographer time that they could otherwise invest more creatively.

Rebecca Lily Signature Color is a bespoke product creation service that offers a set of completely distinctive and personalized presets for Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop), giving you a look that is uniquely yours. This service provides several benefits:

  • Professional consultation to help you identify your style and choose the look that complements your brand
  • Custom products created to your specifications
  • Pro level color grading, designed for versatility, consistency and cohesive colors
  • Your involvement in the product design process from start to finish

khsscs3Left: SOOC. Right: Signature Color. Image courtesy of Kate Hopewell-Smith.
khsscs1Left: SOOC. Right: Signature Color. Image courtesy of Kate Hopewell-Smith.

The process

After you book the service, I will contact you with a questionnaire. This questionnaire will help me identify who you are, what, how and where you prefer to shoot, what equipment you use, what your goals are for your photography and how you envision your signature look. After you return the questionnaire, we will create a mood board together of images that inspire you. I will then ask you to send me examples of your most recent photos so that I can gain a better understanding of your style and exposure preferences. I will provide personal consultation for you to identify what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

After we have defined your unique color palette, I will be working on creating a personalized set of products for you, in your preferred software (Lightroom or ACR/Photoshop). During the creative process you will be involved in giving feedback and requesting tweaks to your products until you get exactly the results you have in mind. You will then receive a beta version of your products and can test them thoroughly before we finalize. After you have approved the final results, you will receive your personal products via instant download.

khsscs2Left: SOOC. Right: Signature Color. Image courtesy of Kate Hopewell-Smith.

khsscs5Top: SOOC. Bottom: Signature Color. Image courtesy of Kate Hopewell-Smith.

What you can expect
  • Up to 6 completely unique products, for Lightroom or ACR (Photoshop)
  • Professional personal consultation
  • The ability to test your products and provide feedback before delivery of the final result
  • Delivery of your final personal products via instant download

scskhs6Images courtesy of Kate Hopewell-Smith.




Technical specs

Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6/CC
ACR 7 (Photoshop CS6), ACR 8 or 9 (Photoshop CC)


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