Name: Martin Lux

About the Artist: I’m a medical student at the University of Freiburg, Germany and I love taking photos and improving my photographic skills. I was infected with the photography virus by my parents a few years ago and finally found my passion for travel and documentary photography as this can be done by taking my camera almost everywhere I go.

I don’t try to stage my photos and I think that everybody deserves to be shown in a way that he or she likes to be seen by somebody else. I have a passion for reading magazines presenting a lot of inspiring photography and the style I’m working on very hard to reach some day like Monocle, EnRoute and a lot more. There are so many inspiring newcomers, too, like Cereal Magazine for example.

Another great source of inspiration has become Instagram and Tumblr where I’m following a lot of inspiring young photographers who started with mobile photography and are now working on a very high level with other cameras, too.

The photos I’m able to present here were taken on a holiday trip to Argentina. It was the first time that I really set myself some kind of a self-assigned project to work on my first magazine-type publication for using it as a new printed portfolio. After finishing my first self-published project I think it’s definitely something that I need to continue working on, because it makes me really happy again to see my photos printed and improves my photography as well as my skills in storytelling.

Favorite Gear: Canon 5D Mark III with 24-70 F2.8, and Leica M8 with Zeiss 35 F2

Favorite Rebecca Lily Products: Lightroom 4 presets (Pro Set I): Retro Curve, Vintage Pastel, Nautica, Monochrome II, Midsummer, Warm Neutral

Website: http://martinlux.tumblr.comhttp://insidetheframelines.blogspot.com/