Artist Feature | Sam Nute & Chelsea Ruggiero

Feb 1, 2018

Sam Nute & Chelsea Ruggiero are both talented and accomplished photographers individually, but as a creative couple combining unique visions, they have the ability to tell an embracive and powerful story. Their recent two-week road trip through Iceland, spent exploring and photographing isolated landscapes in a Citroën Berlingo camper van, yielded a comprehensive body of work which depicts the raw beauty of this wild island – a combined selection of which is the subject of this feature.

Sam Nute
Whether it’s a grand landscape, the neighborhood laundromat or anywhere in between, Sam’s photographs help to capture feelings of nostalgia, visualizing the relationship between the human experience and the world around us.

His work creates cinematic and timeless scenes through his use of subtle, natural colors and clean composition. Often full of absence, his images leave just the essential to connect the viewer with the photograph.

Sam Nute is a lifestyle, editorial and landscape photographer based in New England. See more of his work on Instagram, Twitter and

Chelsea Ruggiero
Chelsea Ruggiero is a portrait, travel, and lifestyle photographer based in New England. She began her career amid the nonstop pace of Brooklyn, New York, but quickly realized that she felt more at home with a slower and quieter life.

Chelsea’s work finds a way to bond the viewer with the photograph. Through her use of natural light and earth-based tones, she highlights scenes that many might find mundane or easy to miss. Her images express a timeless, fine art quality through storytelling.

You can see more of Chelsea’s work on her website and Instagram.

“We’re in love with Rebecca’s work. Her presets allow the images to speak for themselves, free of distractions while invoking a warm, comforting look and feel. They offer just the right punch of color. Rebecca’s products are flat-out beautiful – they’re works of art themselves.”


  1. Joey Pasco
    February 1, 2018

    This work is gorgeous. I wish I’d have been able to capture Iceland like this when I was there last year.

  2. Hannah
    February 1, 2018

    Love this collection! Discovered Sam’s work not to long ago and have been a big fan ever since.


  3. Robert-Paul Jansen
    February 1, 2018

    Every feature I have seen is equally beautiful. Love seeing other people enjoy your presets just as much as I am.

    I am a big fan of Sam’s work, loved following them in his Iceland posts. Will check Chelsea’s website.

  4. Donna
    February 1, 2018

    This is where I find the photography I aspire to. Rebecca’s presets have paved the path for me to see the beauty in my photographs, and the artists she features in this space are my mentors and teachers. I study their work with a kind of fervor reserved for the things that matter most. I am delighted to discover the treasure of fine art by Sam and Chelsea.

  5. walker
    February 12, 2018

    such a gorgeous collection, wonderful work!

  6. Jeff Simon
    March 22, 2018

    Wonderful works of art by two talented photographers. Thank you, Rebecca, for this excellent feature on your website.


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