Rebecca Lily is…

a fine art photographer who has resided and worked in both the United States and Europe. She is currently based in Midcoast Maine, USA, where she lives with her husband, photographer Johnny Patience.

Rebecca Lily was founded in 2009 when she began a quest to design artistic and innovative digital editing tools that would both streamline her workflow and offer the natural and subtle aesthetic she had come to love in her film photography. Since then, Rebecca has created 4 unique Pro Sets for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop that are among the highest quality available.

Rebecca Lily presets have been loved and trusted by thousands of clients worldwide, and featured in top magazines like National Geographic, The New York Times, Elle, Vogue, and Cereal Magazine. Rebecca’s products contribute to helping her clients create professional level color grading and a corporate identity for renowned brands like Nike, Apple, Mercedes-Benz and Gap. She has also worked extensively creating individual custom made products for top photographers and designers all over the world through Signature Color.

Designed for use in both professional and enthusiast environments, Rebecca Lily presets are versatile for use with all types of images, from portrait to street to landscape, and incorporate a unique one-click editing approach. They enhance skin tones in portraits, beautify light and highlights, and help achieve a natural and beautiful color palette while significantly reducing editing time, unmatched by competing products.

For more information about Rebecca’s Lightroom Presets or ACR Presets, please visit the Products page.
Rebecca’s Fine Art portfolio can be found here.


Leica M9-P
+ Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH

Rolleiflex White Face
+ Zeiss Planar 2.8F